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"Feelin'Good with BodyTalk"

Diannah  Benson     705-646-1436
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
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Bracebridge   Ontario      
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Diannah Benson, CBP, ParBP1, CArom, CFR, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified BodyTalk 'Access' Trainer, Body Chemistry Specifics, Vanishing Twin Survivor Issues

I started on my journey to wellness and studying the field of energy medicine in 1990. I have both personal and professional experience in a number of the modalities covered under the BodyTalk umbrella and BodyTalk has expanded my consciousness into a much greater field of awareness. Over the years I became a Reiki Master, a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist and Certified Reflexologist; also balancing the body systems using acupressure release techniques for pain (trigger points) and gentle myofascia release/stretching, which addresses the connective tissue and Tensegrity balancing.

Having recovered from Chronic Fatigue syndrome I am living, breathing proof that Energy Medicine and a Consciousness based health approach to wellness is powerful. I have a healthy respect for it, and BodyTalk, and a high level of confidence that it will make positive differences in anyone’s life, from the subtle to the incredible. The length of time this takes varies, depending upon the complexities of each individual’s unique life story.

For example, if you are unaware that you started out life with company in the womb, and they vanished sometime in the first trimester, or beginning of the second, you will have subconscious issues around the ‘loss’ that will need to be addressed. This can occur in as many as one in eight births. I have studied the Vanishing Twin Syndrome and when

I realized I was a womb survivor, through the BodyTalk System I was able to get to anxiety issues I had lived with my whole life. This gave me a better understanding of where the reactive behaviors came from, and what I kept attracting to myself subconsciously. This has changed my life.

Currently I am a Level 1 Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, and have completed all of the 9 modules previous to this level, and also do Body Chemistry Specifics. No longer do the clients have to avoid a host of things they were ‘allergic’ to - adding to their stress levels. Now I use BodyTalk Body Chemistry Specifics and focus on the frequencies of imbalances using vials to identify them and to balance the allergies and intolerances that are hidden in the much deeper levels of the subconscious programming.

This also addresses on the Fundamental Substances of the body – Protein, B Complex, Calcium, Minerals, Fats, Sugars, etc. to which the body needs to function & be balanced. There can also be a host of emotional issues blocking the bodymind from recognizing the problem. As I have been plagued with allergies all my life, and was unable to resolve them, it seems my whole life has been leading up to learning and practicing BodyTalk!

For the lay person, learning & using the BodyTalk 'Access' Course techniques, are invaluable in keeping the bodymind balanced, lessening your need for requiring medical services for common household health challenges, and maintaining the BodyTalk treatments between sessions. These techniques can also be used to help family members and friends, and even your pets. Learn in a day, use for a lifetime! Access is also a good stepping stone into learning the BodyTalk System.

Diannah Benson, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner(ParBP1), Animal Talk, Access Trainer, Allergy Testing and Balancing
Certified Reflexologist, Ion Detoxifying Footbath, Reiki Master, Myofascia Release, Trigger Point Release,
Hot Stone Massage.