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“This modality puts the whole package of energy medicine and health care together”.'
Dr. Richard Stuart  
Sunshine Yoga Studio  
Certified Instructor 403-701-7149
Campbell Court 5917 1A St SW



Dr. Richard Stuart is a British trained Chiropractor whose personal path for over 35 years has been enriched by studies in religion and esoteric material. His career has enfolded many different bodywork techniques including Osteopathy and Kinesiology. Over
30 modalities in all enrich his understanding of the functioning of the human body, mind and spirit and its potential for healing and wellness.

Even in the early years of his work, Richard was determined to help his patients find lasting results.  Eventually, his focus shifted to the
broader scope of Energy Medicine and his passion deepened when he found techniques that could work quickly and more permanently. He found that the BodyTalk System was one of the systems to do this and provides it all. 'Richard says about it: “This modality puts the whole package of energy medicine and health care together”.'
He specializes in Emotional trauma and its blocks, chronic pain, discomfort, and Life Crisis issues – as well as Allergy Elimination, which includes relief of symptoms from food intolerances, or drugs, Chronic Fatigue, and infections.

He became an Instructor 12 years ago. Today he operates a busy BodyTalk practice in Calgary. Richard travels throughout Canada and abroad, teaching both basic and advanced modules in the BodyTalk System. Everywhere lectures are helping to change the overall view of healthcare.
His current memberships include: Natural Medicine Board Canada/USA,  Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified BodyTalk Instructor, and Member of International BodyTalk System Association. Natural, and Health Practitioners of Canada. Richard retired as a Chiropractor in the late 90's.

Richard is available to teach in Canada, USA and the rest of the World. He has Legal Status to teach in the US.

CEUs are offered by this Instructor

Courses Taught: BodyTalk Access, Module 1, Module 1 & 2 Advanced Practical, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4(7), BodyTalk Access Presentation, BodyTalk Public Presentation, Body Chemistry Specifics