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Diannah Benson  
Feeling Good  
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Diannah Benson,

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, ParBP, BAT

It seems my whole life has been leading up to BodyTalk and teaching the Access Course.� I have both personal and professional experience in a number of the modalities covered under the BodyTalk umbrella.� This allows the system to be an extension of my past studies and experiences, and has expanded my consciousness into a much greater field of awareness.� Having recovered from Chronic Fatigue syndrome through the use of Energy Medicine, I am living, breathing proof that this approach to wellness is powerful.� I have a healthy respect for it, and BodyTalk, and a high level of confidence that it will make positive differences in anyone�s life, from the subtle to the incredible.� The length of time this takes varies, depending upon the complexities of your individual, unique life story.� You will want to experience a BodyTalk Session so you can understand how this is all about you � not what the Practitioner thinks you need - but what your body says it wants - through an amazing exploring system.� This system can take us to anywhere in the bodymind (using a medical model), find out where the switches are blown, and reset them.� This addresses all levels of stressors and health challenges � acute, long term or chronic.

Now, for you, instead of taking years to learn the BodyTalk System, the BodyTalk 'Access' Course, (the outreach program of the BodyTalk System) is available and invaluable to learn, for you, in keeping the bodymind balanced on a day to day basis, lessening your need for requiring medical services for common household health challenges.� Imagine having the ability to help yourself when you are stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance or otherwise feeling unwell?� You have the power with Access to �catch it� before it becomes a bigger challenge.� It also gives you tools to help family members, friends, and animals in emergency situations, or their day to day challenges.

Here are a few things that the BodyTalk �Access� techniques have helped me with:� relief of pain in joints; clearing the effects of a wasp sting within minutes of receiving it; releasing a suspected sprain in my ankle shortly after it arrived; avoided getting colds or flu from clients and got rid of a virus; freed up toxins that were slow in leaving my body; got relief from a suspected food poisoning; have better mobility; clarity of thought; less stressed and anxious � all from using the BodyTalk �Access� techniques on a regular basis � and/or whenever a symptom of imbalance appeared.� You and I are a �continual work in progress�!� Health is a state of constantly seeking balance within the bodymind.� Health is not something you arrive at � it is something that requires attention on a daily basis.� Access gives you the tools to help maintain balance more easily, and simply � and in most cases can eliminate the need for lengthily waits in a Clinic.�

As a Certified BodyTalk �Access� Trainer,� I would love to have the opportunity to come and teach you this amazing system, and show you how to do the balancing methods in the one-day (or 2 evenings) 6 hour Access course, that is fun to do, extremely effective and virtually anyone can learn.

Contact me if you would like to have the BodyTalk �Access� Course taught in your area. I or one of my colleagues will happily give a talk to your group about �What Is BodyTalk and Access� and during the talk we will teach you one of the 5 techniques that you can share with others.� I know you will be as excited as I, and probably even more, when you learn the Access techniques.� I look forward to hearing from you.


Dear Diannah;
I know this email is long overdue but I really want to thank you for introducing me to this amazing form of healing therapy!
Your April 18th Body Talk Access class was very thorough and easy to follow. One must never underestimate the power of the mind and its relation to the body! You had a good group of women attend and it was a lot of fun!
Also it can't go without saying that the lunch and snacks really were delicious and nutricious...keeping our bodies fueled while we were learning.
I've been practicing the Reciprocals on myself but will need a refresher soon so looking forward to your May 20th follow up class!
*** My daughter Jessica was visiting me and complained of a migraine headache so I suggested using some of the Cortices and Switching to help. Within about half an hour she was smiling and feeling free of pain.
(Not bad for a rookie!) I told her she could use it on herself when she's stressed also.
I even used the Cortices on my little dog gave her more energy and kick in her step...
I'm proud to say I'm a "Happy Tapper" and even framed my "Body Talk Access Technician" certificate in my hallway!!!

Thanks again for introducing me to these amazing techniques!

Yours truly,

Judy Blake/ Bracebridge, Ontario

Diannah Benson,� Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner(ParBP1), Certified Reflexologist, Ion Detoxifying Footbath, Reiki Master, Tensegrity Balancing, Trigger Point Release,�Hot Stone Massage.���