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Learning BodyTalk Access

This workshop is designed for the lay person in order to learn and use the benefits of the BodyTalk System.

The BodyTalk Access techniques can be learned in one-day ‘hands-on’ training. These simplified techniques are gleaned from sections taught in a more comprehensive manner along with the full protocols and procedures in BodyTalk Fundamental.

Although the fine-tuning and the focus of a full BodyTalk session requires at least the complete BodyTalk Fundamentals, those who complete the one-day Access training will be able to positively impact the health balance of friends, family and others immediately after completion of the course.

Course content includes:

  • Balancing the focus and function of the brain
  • Stabilizing the stress threshold
  • Addressing Immune System Function related to external factors and invasive substances (microbes, toxins, and allergens)
  • Cell hydration
  • Postural and structural integrity
  • Fast Aid

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