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BreakThrough 1:  The premise of BreakThrough 1 is that, as individuals, we are all responsible for our own experience of life. In order to embrace this responsibility we need to focus on the ‘inside job,’ which is thwarted by the belief that others are the cause, and to blame, for our problems.

The 7 Steps process of BreakThrough provides a medium for getting in touch with the deep-seated, limiting beliefs we unconsciously adopt in childhood. These beliefs are the ones that are catalyzed each time we over-react to situations in life. What we learn from this is that others catalyze, rather than cause, the pain inherent in these beliefs. In this way others offer us the opportunity of getting in touch with, and gaining perspective on, the mental rigidities that control us and keep us in victim- and blame-consciousness.

In short, BreakThrough 1 is a system for transforming reactionary living into conscious living (16 CEUs for CBP)

BreakThrough 2: (Prerequisites: BreakThrough 1, current IBA Membership, and you will need to have read at least one of Esther’s books: Beyond Concepts or Who Am I?

Experience the magic and power of storytelling, list making and a very different Steps process. You will define the difference between unhealthy defenses and healthy boundaries; the dynamic of projections and the subtle and not so subtle ways we avoid self-honesty because our focus is towards the ‘outside job’. You learn how your misunderstanding of the inner masculine and feminine principles distorts and disrupts our external relationships. You will look at the important role feelings and emotions play in our lives and why most of us withhold our most human form of self-expression.

A quantum leap is possible each time we recognize the ulterior (hidden) motives behind our behavior. The BreakThrough 2 Steps process provides us with vivid imagery which brings even deeper insight into the ways we support and perpetuate rigid conditioning. And, of course, the more clearly we see how we support the lie the harder it is to continue doing so unconsciously.

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